Management Team

Survenet Integrated Human Resource Structure Comprises of five main strategic teams, each managed by highly trained, skilled and competent managers. Each team is organized as a strategic business unit (SBU) and required to deliver value adding services and world-class performance both to all our internal and external customers.

These teams are:

  1. Projects & Sales Team
  2. Logistic/Procurement Team
  3. Human Resources / Admin Team
  4. Finance Team
  5. Program Management Team

The Projects and Sales Team is composed of business development, direct marketing and customer services unit. They are responsible for the following:

Developing new areas of business for the company, Marketing Company’s products and services, Relating to customers on every level of needs that might arise from the use of products and services, Helping the customer understand our products and services in a bid to make them more effective to the user, Providing customers with relevant information on products and services to enhance product knowledge and usage, ensuring the delivery of high quality products and services which continually meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers.

The Logistics/Procurement Team consists of highly trained and widely experienced Installation and Maintenance Engineers as well as other skilled technicians. The team is responsible for the following:

Logistic/Procurement Advice the company on application of company’s services, Relating with Clients in areas of needs and on our capacity to serve. To maintain our technological advantage and edge, our engineers undergo constant trainings and technical development programs.

The Human Resources / Admin Team is responsible for the general day-to-day administration of the company and for smooth delivery of services to our clients. The Human Resources department's mission is to develop and administer programs designed to increase the company's effectiveness as an employer -- its hiring processes, pay, benefits, human resource policies and others -- the whole spectrum of creating and managing the employer-employee relationship. The team designates a broader involvement and strategic role in the organization.

The Finance / Accounts Team is responsible for the following:
Prepare, control and publish the Annual Operating and Capital Budgets, Record and compile financial information in a comprehensive manner for the use of Company, Staff and the Public, Provide complete payroll services for all Departments.

Administer the financial aspects of the company. Prepare payment of accounts, debt and requirements of other levels of the other departments. Maintain and control all trusts and reserve funds of the company. Perform Internal Auditing function. Other related Accounting functions

The Project Management Team is responsible for the following:
Prepare, control and develop implementation program, schedules and oversight functions. Ensures that all project time lines are met and maintains companies Quality of service standards while making sure tasks are executed within specified time frames and at the right cost.