Our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

We recognize the importance of the Health and Safety of persons and property, directly or indirectly involved in our business operations, and the environment in which we operate. Human Resources are our greatest assets. It is therefore our policy, to safeguard all persons, property and environment connected with our operations.

At Survenet, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) responsibilities are integral to the way we do business.  Successfully managing HSE issues is an essential component of our business strategy.  Through observance and encouragement of this policy, we assist in protecting the environment and the overall well – being of all our stakeholders, specifically, our employees, clients, shareholders, sub-contractors, and communities.

In order to achieve these objectives, we will identify HSE risks arising from our activities and reduce them to the lowest practical levels.  Our goal is to minimize impact to the environment and to prevent harm to our employees, our clients, our communities, and all others who could be affected by these activities.

Management will continue to take a proactive approach towards creating safe work environment for all employees and will be accountable for promoting continued safety education and training for all employees, assigning responsibility for all aspects of program, continuously reviewing the program to identify potential areas of improvement, and ensuring a thorough evaluation of all incidents.

We will continue to address the environmental and health impact of our operations by reducing waste, emissions, and discharges and by using energy efficiently. We strive to be good citizens in every community in which we operate.

We will maintain awareness of HSE matters so as to be proactive in providing a value added services to our clients.  This awareness is achieved through education, communication, and definition of the goals and standards appropriate to our operations and those undertaken on behalf of our clients.

To emphasize our continuing commitment to HSE issues, we will adhere to Survenet HSE principles.  These principles are the cornerstone of Survenet culture that address issues such as accountability, training, communication, resources, engineering design, performance measurement, and sustainable development.

We believe that the safe way is the best way and therefore accord safety priority in all that we do. Safety is everyone’s job and every one is held accountable for it. We also believe that job descriptions / instructions are incomplete if they are not actually Safe oriented.

In order to realize the above policy statement, Survenet Integrated will do everything at all times to

  • Ensure that all persons engaged in its activities are medically fit
  • Ensure that safety is taken into account from the design stage of any project to its completion.
  • Undertake frequent inspection of work site, organize audit of equipment and give the findings and recommendations urgent and adequate attention needed to create a safe environment for its personnel.
  • Engage in and support all programs that will improve the safety awareness of its staff.
  • Protect and preserve the Environment to the best of its ability.

Finally, we state our commitment to maintain and ensure the Health and Safety of our employees and persons directly or indirectly involved in our business operations and the Environment in which we operate.